Get Your Firewood Here, in Parkwood!

Firewood! High Quality Oak/Hardwood Firewood
Delivered to Your Door and Stacked Neatly by Parkwood 
Neighbor Rylan Gordon.

Rylan has been chopping away at the wood pile in the 
backyard. It is all now nicely split and ready to go (see photo below).  Ry will deliver seasoned firewood to your house and stack it
 neatly wherever you want it or bring you fresh cut wood to stack for next

Ry has a ½ cord of seasoned wood from last year and a cord
 of fresh cut wood that will be ready for next year.   Ry has also split out small sticks of fat wood from 
pitch pine stumps.  These sticks
 have a high natural fuel content and are fantastic for getting your fire
 started. Text Ry at 404-593-9866 or email him at if 

25 piece bundle of seasoned firewood – $20. (ready to burn)
25 piece bundle of fresh cut firewood – $15 (will need to
10 piece bundle of fat wood – $5

$100/ Half Cord – Freshwood only.

Each delivery includes a small bundle of hardwood kindling! To 
see a stack – just look for them at the top of the Gordon driveway.

Rylan Gordon (age 14)
198 E. Parkwood Road


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