Chihuahua reunited with owner thanks to PGC and East Lake websites

UPDATE (July 22, 2011):  Yesterday, July 21 at 10:12 a.m. I got a call from the Chihuahua’s owner (see below). She’d been walking around Parkwood looking for her lost Chihuahua, MiMi, when an unknown PGC neighbor told her to contact me or Bolot. She called Bolot, he told her to call me, she did, and I told her about the original East Lake posting. It was her dog. Yay! So thanks to the East Lake Webmasters Bob and Brian for keeping on top of these lost pet reports, thanks to all of US for subscribing to East Lake and own own PGC website, and thanks to that unknown PGC neighbor who told MiMi’s owner to talk to me. Talk about teamwork! Among all of us, we could start a pet detective business. I always wanted a good excuse to dress like Ace Ventura.

The moral of the story is: neighbors, please notify me if you lose or find a pet, asap. Please tell people looking for lost pets to contact us or the East Lake Webmasters. Those guys seem to know everything. And please tell your unsubscribed neighbor friends to subscribe to this website!

From the Eastlake Road Neighborhood website:

She is a light brown Chihuahua around 8 to 10 lbs with a darker muzzle and white on her chest. She has a pink collar and spikes on it but no tags. She was found at the corner of Paden Circle and East Lake Road. You can call 404-343-3151 or 404-409-8214. She is a sweet but scared dog that has been well cared for and would really like to find her lost owners.

Chris Westberry (

See the original post at:


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