His story: Ph.D. PGC neighbor writes fascinating history of Parkwood

Welcome to installment #2 of my quarterly series: Spotlight on Neighbors! (Suggestions for a better name are welcome.) The 1st installment was back in February. For this installment…

…We have a neighbor in our midst who has just made another priceless contribution to our Parkwood community, a new article on his blog summarizing the history of our very own streets, properties, and homes. His name is Dr. David S. Rotenstein, aka the “Historian for Hire,” and he and his wife Laura Hussey are renters at 352 W Parkwood Rd (PGC member Thomas Fountain III’s house).

For those hungry to learn more about David and his historical professional accomplishments, you can read and view fascinating details of his past work at the following links:

His Portfolio LinkedIn Profile H4H Website

As for his work pertaining to our neighborhood, it is so relevant and timely that it has earned a permanent link on our own website’s main header menu under the About heading, titled “Historic Parkwood: An Introduction.” Without further ado, here is David’s own introduction to his fascinating and fact-filled article on Parkwood:

Parkwood is one of the last subdivisions developed in Druid Hills, the Garden City vision initially designed by Frederick Law Olmsted for Atlanta. This post presents an overview of Parkwood’s history. It looks at how Parkwood grew from that initial 1905 plan to a fully developed suburban community.

Here’s the link to “Historic Parkwood: An Introduction.”
You don’t want to miss it. It is awesome! The illustrations in particular will snatch your attention, so be sure you make some time to read the whole thing.

Future installments of David’s series on the Parkwood neighborhood are expected later this year, so stay tuned for more of his story in the making. Thanks David!


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