April 16 Plant Sale and April 30 LOW Cost Vaccinations & Microchipping

Two alerts come to us courtesy of neighbors Laura Thompson and Katie Black. The first, a reminder that nearby Fernbank Science Center is having a native plant sale from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday, April 16. Their website has more details and a list of all the plants they’re selling.

Also, on Saturday April 30 and on every last Saturday of every month, nearby LifeLine Animal Project’s Avondale Estates clinic is offering very low cost pet vaccinations and microchipping for dogs and cats. Complete vaccination series (including exam) range from $25 for puppies and kittens to $65 for dogs and $70 for cats. This includes the examination fee, all routine vaccinations, dewormer, and heartworm or FeLv/FIV combo tests. $40 packages are also available. Microchipping including database registration is only $25! Individual vaccines are also available. They also have a location in College Park. No appointment is necessary, as it is first come, first served. On weekdays the clinic also offers very low cost spay and neuter services by appointment.


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