Thank You from Leonora & a Classified Ad

Leonora Weaver would like to thank the Parkwood patrons who attended her Estate Sale this past weekend. As anticipated, the Super Bowl put a damper on Sunday’s business, but Saturday’s turnout was fairly good and greatly appreciated. As a thank you to the neighborhood, Leonora is donating $50 of her proceeds to PGC. Many thanks to Leonora! She is having at least one more sale weekend, so if you missed this one you may still have a chance to go. Just look her up in the Member Directory and give her a call for more info.

WANTED: Do you have any old bird feeders or birdhouses laying around that aren’t seeing much action? Maybe one you meant to hang up but never did, or one that’s been hanging around for years gathering moss? If your yard has unappreciative birds and sad, lonely feeders or birdhouses, I’d like to clean them up and make them useful again. To donate your unused bird paraphernalia please email Rebecca Kerimbaev.


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