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Pages in History: The Parkwood Picayune

Parkwood Residents,

Neighbors Anne and Joe Dicks thought that you might enjoy seeing a lost piece of Parkwood communications history: The Parkwood Picayune, a quarterly newsletter published and distributed by their three home-schooled children back in 1994 and 1995. Their kids created four quarterly editions in all: Fall 1994, Winter 1995, Spring 1995, and Summer 1995. Some of you folks who lived here back then are mentioned in these pages by name, people like the Ordways, the Candlers, the Joneses, and others. Will YOUR name be in these pages? Check ‘em out to see. Click on each image below to bring up a PDF of that season’s edition, and have fun perusing!

Fall 1994

Winter 1995

Spring 1995

Summer 1995

First step in fence installation begun at W Ponce

Dekalb County Public Works Roads and Drainage has begun their work today at the West Ponce end of the Park to remove some of the existing rip rap (there was too much of it installed to begin with), remove all of the construction material that had previously been left in the area (concrete chunks, brick, etc.), remove the chain link fence, and get the area ready for fence installation next week. The fence being installed next week to replace the chain link fence will be a black aluminum fence that will be more stable and correctly placed (and therefore more functional) and more in line with the aesthetics of other fencing in our Druid Hills neighborhood. The county is also planning to bring an engineer out there this week to evaluate the storm water drainage issues at the E Parkwood Road and W Ponce intersection. The work has just started today, and the area will continue to look better and better as work progresses. If Parkwood neighbors have any questions about the progress or planned end result of this phase of fence installation, please contact Sheri Kennedy at 404-377-8218 (home) or 770-815-9718 (cell).

Dangerous Tree and Limbs Removed on E Parkwood Rd Today

If you drove south on E Parkwood Rd coming from Ponce during or after this last big storm event this week, then you probably noticed all the mulberry branches that were hanging down over the road incredibly low, weighted down by the rain. These branches have been too low for a long time now, scratching the tops of cars and pickup trucks alike as they pass beneath, especially where the branches were hanging over speed bumps (which they were).  I wasn’t the only neighbor to observe cars swerving around these branches into the oncoming lane to avoid passing beneath the scratching branches and view-obstructing leaves. In other words, it was a problem that needed to be addressed for the safety of both Parkwood residents and through-traffic alike.

The Park Committee hired Tree Works, Inc. to cut down these branches today at several points along E Parkwood Rd. between Parkwood Lane and W Ponce. They also removed one whole mulberry tree that was leaning precariously over the street and that had a rotted stump at its base that was likely compromising its already stressed root system. This tree also had the lowest-hanging branches in the way of traffic. Tree Works chipped the tree and other trees’ branches and hauled them away. The associated cost was paid from PGC funds. It is expected that similar safety issues caused by trees in our Park will be paid from PGC funds in the future also.

We think you will find it much better and safer to drive on E Parkwood Rd. now.

Come Join Us in the Park for Casual Monday!

What:  Casual Monday
Who’s Invited: All Parkwood residents
Where: meet at the cut-through street south of Parkwood Park
When: This Monday at 9 a.m.
Why: Because it’s casual (see below)

What is Casual Monday, you ask? Well, casual really means casual, in our case! You put on long socks, rubber boots, old ratty jeans or long pants, your long-sleeved shirt, and your work gloves, and you show up with either loppers or a chainsaw in your hand! If you hate Mondays, this is the perfect way for you to avoid the office and take out all of your Monday morning frustrations on invasive plants!

As Park Chair Sheri Kennedy explained at June 13’th neighborhood-wide meeting, the Park Committee is hosting weekly Monday morning Park Cleanups this summer, very similar to the ones we hosted last fall and winter. But these summer Mondays in the Park are going to be more casual: you can come for only a couple of hours (or more if you like), you can be home before lunch, you can bring your own water and tools with you (we won’t be supplying water, snacks, or tools this time), and we won’t be closing off any streets or piling up any debris along the edges of the Park. We’ll do this every Monday morning this summer from 9 to 11 a.m., so the schedule is casual: you can come as often or as infrequently as you’d like — you can come one week and not the next — whenever! Of course we’d like to see a nice little turnout every Monday morning, but we’ll be happy if you just show up and help out whenever you can. The invitation is always open!

This is what we need your help with this Monday morning: We’ll be removing those nasty invasive plants that we missed last fall and winter. We’ll need people with loppers to help us lop down:

  • exotic Holly trees (NOT American Holly)
  • Bush Honeysuckles
  • Chinese/Japanese Privet
  • Leatherleaf Mahonia
  • Cherry Laurels
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Nandina

All of these are both exotic and invasive and need to go! We also need one or two people with chainsaws, to help us with the exotics that the loppers can’t touch. GUYS: This is your time to shine!

If you don’t know what these plants look like, not to worry.  Sheri, Rebecca, and possibly other Committee members will be there to show you how to easily identify these invasives.  Before you know it, you’ll be spotting these things all over the place and will have fun lopping and chainsawing away. Sheri will provide you with the stump killer. Depending upon how many people show up, we may tackle the Park perimeter only, or send a couple of people onto the trails.

Don’t forget to bring water, loppers (shears not needed as much), and/or chainsaw. Remember to wear protective pants, sleeves, and gloves. Also, if you don’t mind: if you think you’ll be coming this Monday, please email me to let me know, and if you think you can bring a chainsaw, please include that in your email. Your volunteer hours will be tallied and recorded for posterity and greatly appreciated! See you there!

Nanny Needed!

Neighbors – My nanny will be out of town for two weeks beginning June 11th. I am trying to find temporary care for my 18 month old son during this time period. Does anyone currently use a part or full time nanny or know of any quality in-home daycare in the area who would be interested in doing a nanny-share during the day? Please let me know. Thanks! Shuli L. Green 124 Parkwood Lane Decatur, Ga 30030 Mobile: 404.547.1902