Minutes of Parkwood Park Committee Meeting 2/04/14


Parkwood Park Committee

Meeting on February 4, 2014



Karna Candler

Sheri Kennedy

Joe Foley

Steve Elmore


  1. Review of Budget for 2014 

 Steve provided information related to the budget and funds available for Park-related activities.

 The PGC Board has not yet finalized the 2014 PGC Budget.  The Park Committee’s goal is to have the PGC fully fund 20 visits for Park Maintenance (March through December) at a cost of $3,500.  Steve, Frances and Bob have a meeting February 11 to work out the final details of the PGC budget, which may involve using some of the Park Special Fund to help fund park maintenance.  The Southfork Conservancy funds are in good shape with just over $3,700 available.

 Sheri has a bill for $183 for perennials she has ordered to help complete the planting plan for the north end of the park.  They will be delivered the spring

 Action Item:  Steve finalize Budget and present at next PPC meeting.

  1. Neighborhood Workday

 February 22 was set as the date of the neighborhood workday.  The main activities will be mulching the West Parkwood trail, moving smaller logs to line parts of the East Parkwood trail, and pickup up trash now that much of the ivy is gone and the trash is more visible.  .  We’re not expecting a big crowd.

 Karna will send out e-mails and ask for wheel barrows.  Sheri and Steve will coordinate setting out signs for mulch delivery.

 Action Item:  Karna notify neighborhood of Work day

 Action item:  Steve put out Mulch signs.

 Action Item: Sheri contact tree services for mulch.

  1. Park Projects

 Sheri will call Emmanuel Johnson to arrange a visit before the workday to remove logs on West Parkwood Trail and thin mulberries.

 Action Item:  Sheri contact Emmanuel and coordinate with Steve for someone onsite.

Karna and Sheri were concerned that Tammy is mowing the grass too short and blowing the perimeter too hard stressing the little bit of grass that is growing around the perimeter of the park.  Sheri will contact Tammy (maybe on next visit) and get her to raise mower, etc.

 Action Item:  Sheri contact Tammy and express concerns about mowing height.

 Now that the ivy is in retreat, the very large holes in the park can be seen.  Steve had menitioned getting some fill dirt along with one of his deliveries of stone for his yard and using it to fill the holes.  We need to take a “hole inventory” to mark the holes to be filled so the dirt can be place nearby.

 Action Item:  Steve make plan of taking a hole inventory and plan for filling them.

Continued discussion on removal of county flume at Pone versus making it another rock-lined flume.  It was agreed to try and remove it and redirect any water to the existing flume.. Need to schedule a workday in early March, but need to remove flume and build replacement berm at same time.

 Action Item:  Steve develop plan/date for flume removal before planting of perennials.

 Sheri asked everyone to get her their design points for the southern end of the park (the next area to be addressed by Esther Stokes) by February 27.  She will consolidate the list and we will review them at the next meeting.

 Action Item :  Everyone get “wants” and “don’t wants” to Sheri by February 27.

 Sheri’s work with spraying Roundup on the ivy seems to be working … slowly but it is working.  She will continue that process on the East Parkwood side once the weather warms up.

 Everyone agreed that some simple improvements to the traffic triangle at East Lake would be nice particularly low- and no-maintenance items like spring bulbs in the mulched area.  Steve will create a timeline for doing that.

 Sheri reminded everyone to keep track of hours worked in the Park.  We need to turn those into Southfork, and they help form a record of our activities when we apply of grants like DHCA.

 Steve mentioned that Christina Carter as wondering if it would be appropriate to hold an Easter egg hunt in the park with year.  There was some concern about the large holes in the park and the age of the participants.  In general, everyone thought it was a good idea and way to get young families into the park, but maybe the park was not quite ready.  Possible site could be the flat area in front of Bob Stewarts house and the area on the WestParkwood Trail in front of the Carters.

 Tom Bell is interested in working with Joe and Steve on some small trail bridges.  We need to identify some existing bridges we can  use as a starting point for our design

  1. Committee Memberhsip

 Everyone seemed OK with the smaller committee of 4 people.  Others could join if they were interested by we will not issue a general call for new Park Committee members.

 Next Meeting: Monday, March 3.



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