Donate to the Park

ParkwoodPark is a jewel – a greenspace with trails and a tributary of Peavine Creek at the heart of the Parkwood neighborhood.  And like all jewels, it starts out rough with only a few hints at the beauty that lies within.  To reveal that beauty takes lots of work and lots of time.  But the final product is well worth the effort – a gem that is priceless.

 Please help us turn ParkwoodPark into the gem we all want it to be.

ParkwoodPark now receives financial sponsorship from the South Fork Conservancy, an organization which is undertaking the restoration of the south fork of Peachtree Creek and its tributaries, including Peavine Creek.  You can make a contribution to the South Fork Conservancy for ParkwoodPark using the special Parkwood Park Tax Deductible Contribution Form.  And because the South Fork Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) organization, your contribution will be tax-deductible.

We will put your contribution to work clearing invasive plants, replanting the Park with native plants, and trimming the older dead and dying trees.  Then come walk the Park and watch the transformation.

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